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My dog died and its my fault


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So today I went on a walk with my dog but he always likes to pull, and sometimes I get mad at him, when we got back I put him in the back yard then few minutes later I heard a car sound loud like hitting but didnt think it would be my dog then my sister asked where is the dog I told her hes in the backyard I went and checked and he wasnt store so I started panicking and ran outside when I arrived he was on the floor dying :((((( I failed him I should of trained him, walked more and such. He was a Belgian Malinois had him since 10 weeks old he was beautiful. I dont deserve any more pets in my life I am bad, i dont know what to do, I had big plans for us to grow old and such and we were moving to a biger house with my family in a few months but now thats all. IF a after life for dogs truly exist God please if not I dont deserve to live honestly



sorry for typing like this dont feel like typing properly cus I AM VERY SAD he died a few hours ago and we went to the new house that we are going to move in in a few months to burry him he did get to run twice in the house backyard which is quite massive. now all my plans/dreams are gone :(((( 

what can I do, will I feel normal one day, or WBHAT


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9 hours ago, GodPlease said:

will I feel normal one day

I don't know, honestly, I think each one is different.  I've had nine dogs and this last one was my soulmate, honestly I don't feel I'll ever get over him, it's been 3 1/2 months.  He was my sole companion as my cat is only about herself.  But some people seem to adjust better than I feel I am with this one.

I am so sorry for your loss.  So your dog got out of the back yard somehow and got hit by a car?  I'm a little confused because you said he was on the floor dying, how did he get from the street to a floor?  I hope he passed quickly so as not to suffer.  I don't see how you are to blame for this.  All dogs do get out sometimes no matter how vigilant we are.  A month or two before my dog died (cancer) he figured out how to open the gate.  He didn't leave the property but he was sure proud of himself.

Right now is the hardest time, it takes time to process this, it really does.  In the beginning you notice their absence when you should be feeding him, or all of the things you did with him and now it's just...empty.  I kept imagining my dog laying on the couch and then the image would disappear.

Try not to worry about how long you'll grieve, it takes what it takes, just try to get through each day.  I'm glad he'll be at your new place and hope it will bring you comfort to know he's there.  My dog is buried in the back yard next to my son's dog.  It's hard.

I hope you'll read these articles and realize this was an accident, nothing more.  It's very common to go through all the "what ifs" after they die, I don't know why but most of us have guilty feelings when we lose them, it's as if we're looking for a different possible outcome, but the truth is we loved and cared for them the best we knew.


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