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This is a post I made to a general discussion board two weeks after my husband had passed on and while I was still more in control of my emotions. It seems appropriate to share the experience with this group, since that encounter had such a powerful and lasting effect on me that I can't get it out of my mind.

"This morning I steeled myself and went back to our favorite place for breakfast, taking only a book for company. First time ever to eat out by myself!

Several of the servers came over at different times to offer their condolences. As I spoke to the first server that came over, the man (a complete stranger) in the booth in front of me turned around with a stricken look on his face and then turned away and began weeping. He was completely distraught, and my instincts told me we were both in the same situation. Several times he glanced my way as if wanting to speak, but would begin sobbing again.

Now more than a little teary eyed myself I quietly asked, "would it help if you had someone to talk to"? He shook his head and quickly turned away. I apologized for intruding on his grief, and he gestured that it was okay.

Suddenly he stood up and came toward me and my first thought was, "oh my God, I've done it now"! Without a word he bent down and hugged me as hard as he could without actually hurting me. We exchanged a few brief words of comfort and he grabbed up his check and waved goodbye flashing a tiny semblance of a teary eyed smile on his way out.

The hug of a stranger made my day and I hope I helped him just a little bit too!!!!!"

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I second that opinion....I got chills too. Do you suppose it was your husband (in "angel" form, I guess you'd call it) comforting you and relieved that you were doing ok, by being in your favorite breakfast place?


That hadn't crossed my mind Shell. But then I do know that; "The Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform"! Whatever it was, the experience has left a profound impact on me.

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Hi TOri,

WOW! That gave me goosebumps That is amazing. My sister had a similar one except it was my dead mother. My mom was sitting at a table and my sister came into the room and sat down. My mom looked over at her and said my you are doing a great job. My sister took charge of my mom's personal things after my dad passed away shortly after my mom. So I was totally freaked out about her telling me that as well. Who would know what it is that we are seeing is it because of our grief or is it another person who also is suffering from grief either way it gives you goosebumps to have something like that happen to you. Take care Shelley

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