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It's important for dogs to be socialized and as I don't let him run loose, he can't do it on his own.  The other dog, Hannah, is a service dog but high anxiety with a bad experience behind her, so I'm hoping this will be good for her too.  She snapped at him the first couple of times we introduced them on leash but she's getting more comfortable and now not viewing him as a potential threat.  They played together off leash for 1 1/4 hours yesterday and did well.  I noticed her gate has a large enough hole for Kodie to get out so I pointed it out to her so he's not off leash in the yard.  Too smokey to be out for longer than doing their business anyway.  We talked about how to feed them so there's no food aggression on Hannah's part, etc.  I feel more comfortable now but will still feel relieved when we're safely back home together!

No I didn't have "play dates" for my kids either, but we did when they were preschoolers as you have to watch them at that age and they can't go anywhere on their own.  It does help their socialization a LOT.  I was never a helicopter parent, never needed to be, my kids made good choices and were rule compliant, they had lots of freedom living out here in the country!  It's why my son wants acreage, he wants his kids to have the experience he did growing up.  Difference being with 33 acres he won't have nearby neighbors but the kids will be into activities and they'll get together with friends, moms are chauffeurs a LOT when the kids are growing up!

Yep, Gwen, will have my phone with me!  I'm starting to get excited...I'll probably be up at 4 tomorrow, have to leave at 6 am, have everything packed but need to get it all together and in the car tomorrow.  Will have to make a salad and chia pudding for the road trip as we're not making any stops, actually I won't eat until I get there but need to bring my own lunch as they won't have dinner until 5.  Planned out what I can eat while there.  Always a bit tricky!  Doing well w/o my diabetes medicine (week one) and want to keep it that way!

Note on my BIL...he's no longer able to drive, too weak, almost passed out when he got to the doctor, two blocks away from him, yesterday.  :(

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