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Wherever U Are


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wherever u are

wherever u are now,

i know that u are in a better place

free from this world's cruelties

free from this world's pain

thank u for the love u gave me

for the laughters and the kisses

for showing me the simplicity of life

for giving me respect

and for teaching me the value of forgiveness

i will always keep u here in my heart

wherever u may be.

u will always hold a special place here in my heart

i will never forget u, my dear part.

i know u dont want me to go through the pain that

i am going through right now

u always want me to be strong

and be the best that i can be

thank u for believing in me,

and for understanding me

wherever u are,

u will always be part of my success

i will never forget u, my dear part.

i will always love you.



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