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Said goodbye to 15 year old companion


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On Saturday I had to say good-bye to my dog after 15 years together. We had a rough couple of months as her heart disease progressed, she had a bout of pancreatitis, and a corneal laceration that left her blind. Her coughing fits from the building edema in her lungs would sometimes cause her to faint, and I think she had a heart attack or stroke last week. It was the right choice to have her put to sleep so she could finally rest and no longer suffer. And it's been absolutely excruciating to move through this process. She's been my buddy in five different cities and states, my road companion, and an absolute source of joy. I know it will take a long time and it comes in waves. But I could never prepare myself for this. 

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I am so sorry for the loss of your companion, the hardest thing in the world we ever have to do, be it human or furry.  I lost my "soulmate in a dog," Arlie, 8/16/19, that date forever etched into me as the one where my world went from color to black and white.  It's amazing the joy they bring into our lives.  

I am so sorry she had to suffer...that any of them ever had to (mine had inoperable cancer and his liver had shut down).   I agree with you that euthanasia, under the circumstances, is the kindest option, but never easy, by any means.

Hoping this short video brings you some peace and comfort...



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I am new to this forum, but I am so glad I found it. I recently ( 3/8/21) lost my Pomeranian who would have turned 14 years in June to CHF. I can so relate to all the sadness and grief you are experiencing. All I can say is I am very sorry for your loss and hope you and I and everyone that has lost a pet will be able to get through their grief with time. 


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@CoAnnI am so sorry for your loss.  It can take quite a while to adjust to their not being in our everyday lives, but ALWAYS they are in our hearts!  I hope in addition to the articles and video listed above in this thread, that this may be of help to you also.  Sending you thoughts of comfort and peace.

I purchased stones for them and my other animals and even one to place with my husband's ashes, here (you can get promo codes online) Personal Creations

Memorializing a Pet
Memorializing Pets We Have Lost

I found it helpful to write memories of my Arlie and also one for Kitty here:
Memories of Arlie
Memories of Kitty

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