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It's 1:30am I don't want to dream


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It's 1:30 and I don't want to go to bed. I am afraid I will dream of my Mom.  Today I packed the dress and shoes I bought her for my wedding last year. Now they are being shipped back to PA so that she can be wear them when visitation occurs at the funeral home. We were so happy last September when we went shopping ( she didn't go many places due to her inability to walk) but she was with me that day.  It was so hard to pack those things and will be even harder to see her laid out in it.  I already miss her so Much!  I keep distracting myself so I don't break down for yet another time today.  I feel so hopeless and sad. I keep going back and forth trying to be happy she is in Heaven with God and my Dad and with others who passed before her.  I'm lonely without her and it's only been a day. People tell me that I have my husband to lean on, but my Mom was my best friend. The person I could tell everything to.  What am I going to do without Her? I may have been her caregiver, but she gave to me as much as I gave to her.




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I'm glad you have that treasured memory with her, it is nice that she can wear it again for visitation, that's special.

Sometimes the missing them is a tribute to how irreplaceable they are.

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