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Dreading going home


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20211002_141150.thumb.jpg.2aa2eb75aea4be9e9dddf53c6a48905d.jpgI have so much anxiety and sadness right now. I have to get on that plane home to PA. I don't know how I am going to keep from breaking down. Mom and I flew here to SC less than a month ago together, she was so happy with the window seat. We rose above the clouds and I was able to see the happiness in her eyes.  I don't know how I'm going to get on that plane again and not have the grief take over. It's hard enough to fly without the attendants thinking I am having a breakdown.  Maybe I should let them know so they don't think something is wrong with me and boot me off the plane. Or maybe a drink before I get on would numb my grief...



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OMG, I can tell you are mom/daughter!  I love the red hair!  My dad had red hair, none of us got it except my little sister's baby and she passed before her second birthday (she was born without a brain).  This is so sweet!  

Yes, let the attendant know, so they'll understand.  Do airlines still hand out drinks?  I haven't been on a plane since 9/11.

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