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Back home after the Funeral


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I arrived home in SC from PA. I flew back for Moms funeral. Her body was flown back as well.  It was so hard. We stayed with my aunt and uncle. I had support from them as well as my friends, relatives and my brothers. Now my husband and I are home and I am so depressed!  So used to Mom being here. I shut the door to her room. I am crying as I write this..we just moved here, bought our new home together, a dream of ours and I want to be back in PA. My husband can only take so much. I don't know how I am going to survive here. I feel so alone. I have no friends here yet. And now the holidays are approaching.  I am not doing Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's only my husband and myself.  I miss my Mom so Much! I know that she wanted to be with my Dad in heaven but it doesn't provide me comfort right now. I feel lost. I have my husband but he doesn't get it. Makes me feel guilty because why is he not enough.  I'm so sad and depressed I just wonder if I will ever be at peace?


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8 hours ago, mik said:

I am not doing Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I don't blame you, I'm not feeling it either.  Honor yourself by doing whatever brings you comfort/peace or at least less pain/stress.  This is the first time in your life w/o your mom, you're bound to feel floundering and missing her.  Sending you much love and caring thoughts.  You ask if you'll ever be at peace, I think so, but this can take much time to adjust to.  My mom had dementia stage IV, it got her before her Leukemia could, it was her time.  She was in her 90s and had been through so much.  She wanted to be with my dad, he'd been gone for 32 years, she never forgot him no matter how bad her mind got.

Praying for you Hon.:wub:

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