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I just realized there are no forums for these 2 topics and wondered if they might not be included at some time in the future.....I've often felt I'd like to honour our fur-boy's life, but there's no place to do that except under the Loss of a Pet forum, and his death wasn't recent....seems like a disservice to our animal beloveds when there are forums to honour other losses. Don't know if Anticipatory Grief would be well-utilized, but this would be only the second griefboard to have such a heading that I know of ~ the only other one I've ever seen is a site specifically for animal loss that includes a forum for ill and dying animal companions as well. And since I find the Pet Loss forum to be rather under-utlized to being with, it might be a good addition for those searching for this type of board, plus all those others who are caregivers and suffering BEFORE a physical death. Whaddayathink?

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I'm thinking, I'm thinking! :rolleyes:

Maylissa, please don't think I'm ignoring your message; I've been occupied with other matters. I promise I will post a more thoughtful response just as soon as I can get to it . . .


Marty :wub:

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Hi Maylissa and Marty T,

I am in a situation right now that I do not know how to handle. My dog Chelsea is not dead but is living with another family member right now. You see I lived with Chelsea when I lived in my parents home. After they both died last year I had to move out to somewhere I could not take her. My brother was kind enough to keep her for me. I had Chelsea since she was five weeks old and now she is six years old. I only get to see her once or twice a month, It kills me to leave her there when I have to go. I am so scared that when I get a phone call it is going to tell me she is dead. I feel I have let her down and that she is going to think I do not love her anymore. When my mom died Chelsea had a really hard time, than four months later my dad died and she got worst. My dad and Chelsea did everything together, now that they are both gone and we had to sell the house she was taken to a new place to live and to get used to again. I do not like to visit her because I really have a hard time leaving her behind. I wonder if there is anyone else who has gone through this or is going through this that maybe could help. Thank You Shelley

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