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When I first joined this wonderful website I was two months out of losing my wife.  Here in Arizona we had the best hospice care in the world. Since my wife Kathy died in one of their hospice homes they provided me with support. As a typical man I thought I could handle it alone but how wrong I was. I ended up on the floor of my kitchen unable to take one more step. I called them and it changed everything. One of their services was this website and I knew then and always will remember that it saved my life. Not long after that I discovered that Medicare was no longer providing funding for hospice care which left "Hospice of the Valley" with a difficult financial challenge causing them to cut this website from support. Grief Healing Discussion Groups had but one chance to survive as it was and that could only happen with donations from it's users. The simple fact however is that so many of our members were left in financial despair as well as being so devastated by their loss that many could not help. Some of us can and so we do but the site is free and should be which is why I want to remind everyone that can donate to please do so. It doesn't take much, just a small amount goes a long way and with so many of us here it really mounts up. So let's do what we can to help keep it going and don't forget to hug each other along the way.

By the way, I am ten years a member and although I have come to understand that grief never truly ends,  we continue to grow and heal.

Help if you can....support this website....support Marty... Her skill is beyond measure.

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