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Miss you everyday Tiger

My beautuful Tiger

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It has been far too long. But please never think that I dont miss you...everytime snuggles runs in from the garden or snuggles by me. I always picture you doing the same...life is upside down at the moement. Theres so much I need to tell you. I miss you sooo much tigerbells. Life would feel perfect if you was still here with me and snuggles. No matter what is happening...no matter how many times we moved and life hit hard..us three were always together...😔😔😔..I really love you tiger..I realised you and snuggles were only ever my one and true love and nothing else compares..:(....I always remember the day I got you both ..carrying you you up the road in this cardboard box and you both were only a few months old. You kept poking your head up and out of the box. I laughed so much on the way home..miss you....

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Thinking of you as you continue your journey, I know it's hard.  Today it's been three years since I lost my Arlie.  We never stop missing them and loving them...always.

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