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Some times I don't think about certain things until I have to do it myself. I'm trying to watch a TV series on Crave but it's acting twitchy tonight. Normally Michael would know what to do, now I'm trying to figure it out. It was the same last year when I had to hook up the new Wi-Fi myself. Took me a couple of hours to get it done, but yay ☺️ I did it which was empowering. Still, I totally miss having a man around the house to help with technological things, or other things that guys are better at, like lifting heavy stuff or fixing certain things.

Update: Crave is now working :D

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A lot of women have those kind of minds.  I get about 50/50 help when I call Apple or the bank.    I actually fixed an iPad problem they couldn’t and don’t even know how.  I depended on Steve for our tech stuff because I hate it, he liked the challenge and I just wanted to use the result.  It was a great system.  I really want streaming, but not all the installers it would take much less new equipment.

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