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Reminder for a Donation in 2023


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January 10, 2023

As we begin yet another New Year I am again requesting, if you want to  donate  whatever amount of money you are able to keep this Grief Healing website open and free from ads please do so.

As a fellow griever I know how valuable this site is to so many.

Marty, a certified grief counselor and sole owner of this site, continues to respond to all those who ask for help.  She reads every post and with our membership well over 11,590 it is time consuming and done with love and compassion to all members. 

The cost of an ad free site is high. It is the only site like this on the web free from annoying ads.

I have known Marty for over ten years.  She is passionate about having a place for grievers to go to get sound advice. We no longer grieve alone; and we can be safe in knowing that whatever is posted will be kind. It is the members who make this site a treasure. Listening and responding with great love makes this a site that we all can benefit from. I know I have over the years.  So please donate if you are able.  


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