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My beautuful Tiger

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My beautiful Tiger.....

I miss you....i miss you.....I miss you....................I was in a dark place a few days ago and its as though I seen you there...you was comforting me while I cried on the floor in the bathroom..was my mind tricking me??? I wonder.??to be able to think I seen you again I wouldnt care if my mind tricked me everyday....because it was everything...I needed you..I need comfort..I was left alone again in that darkness.....but you would never leave me alone.its the one of the few things I know for certain..you seen so much with me... of my life and still its as though your there.....I thought I would loose all your pictures on my phone....I felt like my life was drowning...I felt a type of panic came over me....all though I find it too painful and hard to look at them..Its still comforts me to know your voice is  there...I panicked at my phone getting broken..I dont care about the phone..but I cared deeply the fact that still 1 year later and I have like 5 tabs open on my phone when I was googling how many seizures can a cat survive..how to administrate fluids...I cant bring myself to close them..I need to feel ..I want to remember you...I want to remember what it was like when I still was googling questions trying to find desperate answers to help save you😥😥😥😥😥😥😥.I would have done anything.I wish I could hold you again...I love you tiger.....you loved me unconditionally...


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They do.  We have a deeper connection with them than most humans.

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