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Wish I could hold you Tiger😥

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Dear Tiger,

I miss you...i think about you often and l always have these time were i fall deeply into abyss in my mind and wonder about all the scenorios of you here with me...I wonder if you would be snoozing...exploring outside..i imagine alot of stuff....snuggles is always comforting me and im super grateful to have you both...Ive had my heart broken recently...but the pain is way easier to deal with...because the pain of loosing you for now...can never compare...I hope you like the lights lit all over your grave....I miss you deeply Tiger....I wonder if your able to miss me....I looked at snuggles the other day and I said...i wonder if  you and tiger will ask for me in heavan😥...or I wonder if you will ask for anything else...I love you Tiger....you loved me for me...you was there for me through everything...the compassion I feel i have been shown by you and snuggles...not even humans have come close to that...... 

As long as you and snuggles love me forver ....I know I will be ok🌹🌹🌹🌹love you so muchhhhh ...in this life and the next.......

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Of course they will.  I am still feeling this about mine that have passed.  (((hugs)))

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