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Miss you Tiger

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Tiger....tiger....I miss you so dearly...what i would give just to have a cuddle....they say times a healer...i still dont believe that...tbe pain somehow always feels the same...just that seasons change...snuggles has been helping me through alot...I needed you both more than you ever needed me....I believe in fate and I believe in love at first sight because the way I care and love you both..only god knows...I look out into the garden and I find myself in that moment saying to myself aloud that.."i miss you Tiger"....I love you Tiger...I cant wait to see you again( god willing)...

I love you truly...and miss you every single day.....


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This could be written by me for my animals...can't wait to see them again! I'm glad we have that hope at least!  I know they're in heaven for if they weren't...it wouldn't be heaven.

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