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Miss you Tiger

My beautuful Tiger

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I just wanted to say I miss you. Not a day goes by where I dont think about you....the gardens looking much better and your grave looks all nice and lit up...snuggles has had his operation...he is doing good..running around on the night...things dropping on my head..he's so lovable and he gives me plenty of hugs and cuddles...I love you both...lifes been busy...im optimistic and ive been meeting new people...and I always ask first if they like cats ;) of course you both come first...I miss you...love you.....


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I've wondered how you're doing...it was four years since I lost Arlie Aug. 16.  Kitty it's been over 3 1/2 years (Jan. 6).  I miss them so much.

My Kodie is amaing, God knew the mold was broke on Arlie, none to replace him, so he sent me Kodie, conceived when Arlie died, born on my birthday.  My little service dog. I don't know what I'd do without him.  
I'm glad you have Snuggles...I like to think Arlie had a paw in sending me Kodie.

I remember our group chats, miss them.

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