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Tiger...I miss your little face and cuddles

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My beautiful Tiger..I wonder.. how are you?.another season had nearly come and gone again and Its a bitter reminder that time is going by without you..can the world just stop for a little bit..so we can have our time again.I got my old phone working again and it had yours and snuggles baby pic on...you both look so cute.have a look.. .snuggles is literally running above my head right now and knocking things over..he is so cheeky and mischievous..sometimes I feel he gets so bored and misses your presence...I brought another bird feeder...so the squirrels can actually have some food...well..erm lets say the stand has somewhat ended up falling over! I will sort it out over the weekend...you might be comforted and pleased to know that I have learned to let go of people who hurt me and bring no value to my life...Its actually nice to meet people who actually like and accept me for me and who actually care..lately ive accepted alot...The only only thing i will never accept is that permenant feeling of your absence...I love you far to much to ever let a day go by without thinking of you...I suppose you heard the changes that will be happening...I hppe you know you will always be with me...Love you...my best friend..my true love Tiger.until we meet again..xxx


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I am glad for you for the changes you've made in your life but know all too well the continual missing of those we love...still missing Arlie and Kitty.  Kodie has been registered as a service dog although we didn't really put it to use until May or so, he goes to church with me even when I'm on the platform singing, and he went to my mammogram with me, he goes to the grocery store with me, everywhere.  He's so good.

Wishing you the best and it's good to hear from you.

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