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Wish you was here Tiger

My beautuful Tiger

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Miss you Tiger....Been thinking about you alot.....so much has been happening...snuggles is curled upto me...I tell him all the time I love him...I been thinking and talking about my plans and I cant help but wish you was here to be part of them.im actually hopeful..I really think everything happens for a reason...I realised alot Tiger and I want you to know Im ok....Ive moved on from alot of stuff that was hurtng me and for a while i didnt feel like myself...but i see the light at the end of it all......

The lights are fading in the garden but the house is warm for you...I hope your not too cold.....

Wish i could hug you and pick you up and let you sit on my shoulder like how you would..you never wanted to get down......I love you Tiger...your my best friend....



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We never stop missing them, they're part of our hearts...

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