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Miss You Tiger...2 years today

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Helllooo my beautiful Tiger...ohh I miss you so much..I cant believe its been 2 years today that we temporary parted....Time hasnt been a healer...I function...sometimes i daydream about you running around or meowing...I miss picking you up...I wonder what you would think abiut the changes that I will be going through? I wonder if you think its a good idea or not..I miss your cute furry face and your wet nose and your soft hair by your ears and in between your paws..I pray that me..you and snuggles will end up together again...thats what gets me through...I love you Tiger..im here...always will be...😪..xxxx

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I feel that about my soulmate in a dog, Arlie.  4 1/2 years.  Hard to believe.  Missing all my pets, I've had a lot, but look forward to being with them again and helping Kodie to know them.

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