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My Grandpa And Birthday Pal


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When I was small and little

I'd sit up on his knee

He'd whisper in my ear

and tell me he loved me.

then he'd whisper nothings

and make me giggle loud

if he was here now

he'd be very proud.

We have a lot in common

from our smile to our eyes

when we were together

the world always came to life.

We also shared our birthday

each and every year

And even though he's gone

it's still something we share.

I remember every year

he'd come to be with me

our birthday we would share

my birthday pal and me.

Now he's gone away

The good Lord took him home

I've missed him every day

since he's been gone.

Even though he's gone

I think about the days

when we had so much fun

on all our birthdays

We'll continue to share

our very special day

it comes but once a year

his and my birthday.

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