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Loss Of A Child


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This is a clipping I took from our newspaper years ago, after the loss of our fur-child, Sabin. It applies equally-well to the recent loss of his sister, Nissa....and of course, for any human child as well. I can't credit it with a name, as none was signed, but it struck home with the way my own heart felt, and feels again, even if some of this isn't necessarily true....the FEELINGS are like this, nonetheless.


"Give it some time"

"Remember the good times"

"Celebrate his life"

"There is a reason for everything"

"Something good will come from this"


The passage of time has only made the void deeper and darker.

Remembering the good times, and there are many, only reinforces the loss.

The celebration of life is bittersweet.

For some things, there is no reason, it just is.

And nothing good comes from losing a child.

(February 1, 1998,) our Lives ended...

with one difference...

my heart continues to beat!

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Hi Maylissa,

You are so right it does hit home, Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us... I love when people share things with others because it helps so much to know others are going through the same thing... Take care and Thank you again Shelley

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