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In the year that has gone by,

I've learned that love doesn't go away.

It lingers and it filters, through me everyday.

I've felt my Mother's spirit in the blankets she left behind,

Her handwriting on a recipe, a photo snapped in time.

I've learned that tears come easily, while driving alone in a car.

I've held them back at times, and have cried in the dark.

I've learned to comfort another...when a parent has left this world.

I've learned to tell some stories, about my Mother to my girls.

I know that life goes on and it's never quite the same.

It's changed and it's different, because my Mother came this way.

I've learned she may be gone, but her presence is always near.

She's my vigilant guardian angel who calls my name, and I hear.

My memories are now my treasures and her lessons are my guide,

I keep them in my heart and recall them in my mind.

I'll forever keep her close to me, where she is never far away...

Knowing she's still with me every night and everyday.

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Hi LoriW,

Thank you for sharing a beautiful peom with all of us, It is so very special when people share their feelings through poetry... I just wish that I could write it... Take care and Thank you for sharing Shelley

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