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Once upon a time in Sydney a Princess was born to William and Margaret Gavin. Her name was Margaret Pearl Gavin. She grew up in Castlereagh, NSW brought up by her parents to love and to care and share with others. She was surrounded by a large family as she grew up, Marie, Bill, Joan, Rita and Iris and Maureen plus many other nieces and nephews, so her lessons were learned well.

She grew into a lovely young woman and met her Prince Tom Cincotta. They went partying and loving and caring and sharing all over the land. They became King and Queen of their own castle and their loving brought them 3 Princesses of their own. Bernadette, Adele and Lisa.

The Queen set about teaching her Princesses the same loving, caring and sharing attitude that she had been taught, and the house became full of friends and laughter.

The cuppas brewed frequently in the castle as people popped in and out. There came a time when the castle seemed a little small for all this caring and sharing. Queen Margaret went to work in the only way she knew how: Caring. She looked after the elderly in their worst days and the Queen shed many tears as her friends left this world.

The Princesses grew and grew and became loving, caring and sharing young women, like their mother. They then found their own Princes, Les, Garry and Paul. The castle grew quiet for a time. More Princes and Princesses were born and filled the castle with grandchildren, Tim then Ben, Andrew, Gemma, twins Scott and Jessica, Danny,Samantha, Breeanna and Molly. As the grandchildren grew the house became quiet again.

The King and Queen finally had the castle to themselves, but when everyone visited as often as they could, much laughter was heard in the castle.

The Queen became ill, but she cared about all those around her not only her husband and children, but family and friends. She sent them her love and shared her castle with them. The Queen could no longer make a cuppa so she got the King to do it.

The King, Tom looked after Margaret, running the household in her stead. He took care of all her needs and enabled her to continue to be herself as best she could with her illness. They have shared their lives for 43 years, through good and bad times, though the laughter always overcame the tears.

There came a time when God thought Margaret’s message of loving, caring and sharing had touched enough lives to speed her message throughout the land and gave her rest, and rewarded her with an easier job of angel where she could quietly watch over her family and friends making sure they follow in her footsteps and leave a legacy of loving, caring and sharing.

P>S Margaret Gavin/Cincotta was well loved.

The sound of a kettle boiling will always remind us of her.

Please, someone put the kettle on!!!

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