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Hi Marty,

Okay, another thing I can't seem to figure out is how to create a link to an older post or thread. I tried copying and pasting both the post# and the post title ( for the beginning of a thread ) into the "insert link" box, but that didn't work. Do you have to copy and paste the entire old post and then just type in the title or post# in the hyperlink box? (hmmmm....maybe I'll try this while I'm waiting for a reply) Or is there something other than the hyperlink button that must be used for posting internal links?

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Hi Maylissa,

I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond; I've been at a bereavement conference all day and just now picked up your message.

Here is how I insert hyperlinks to previous posts:

I use both Internet Explorer and AOL to access this site. Once the site is open on both browsers, using either Explorer or AOL, I find the "old" post that I want to link to, and copy the URL address from the address bar in that browser to my clipboard. Then, using the other browser, I begin typing my message in the "Reply" window (the white box that appears after you click on the "Add Reply" button at the top of the page). Then, after I've given the "old" post a title and typed it into my new message, I highlight the title with my mouse. Next, I go to the little globe-like icon at the top of the white box (next to the B, I, U, S, A, etc.) and click on it. Then a pop-up window appears that says, "Explorer User Prompt." Next, I place my mouse over the place that shows "http://" in blue, right-click on it, and then paste the contents of my clipboard there (that is, the URL I've cut and pasted from the other browser's address bar) and click on "OK." That should create the hyperlink in the text of your post. To check to see if it worked, scroll down and click on the "Preview Post" button and you can test the link in your text there.

I'm sorry if this sounds more complicated than it really is, Maylissa -- give it a try and if it doesn't work for you, let me know.

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Okay, I'm trying it here:

She's Gone

K, I think this worked. My H came up with an even shorter way of doing this, w/o having to open 2 browsers, in case you'd like to know yourself.

Just find the post you want and bring it up onscreen. Click on the post# and copy it. Go back to the new 'reply' screen, using 'back' controls. Type in a name for the post. Highlight this name. Click the Hyperlink button and paste in the name. Hit 'okay'. And that's it! Right?

Thanks so much, Marty! Yes, it sounded difficult but it isn't. Woo-HOOO!

Edited by Maylissa
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Well yippee and hoo-rah :excl:

I like your husband's method even better :excl:

Obviously he knows more about this fandangled computer stuff than we do :blink: Next time, let's just ask your husband ^_^

And I'm soooooo glad you've added the picture of your darling Sabin and Nissa, Maylissa! They're both just beautiful :wub:

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THANK you, Marty! ^_^ (for your compliment about my kidlets; the pic's pretty tiny, so it's kind of hard to tell) But you're the first person ( on the 2 boards I use ) to even say so...and that means a lot to me! :D And you're welcome, from my husband. :)

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