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The First Of Many Holidays Without Him

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I almost hate to write here tonite, Halloween, but I needed to express my feelings to someone. This is the first Halloween in fourteen years that Larry was not here. We would always dress up, lots of lights and pumpkins and would sit outside and wait for all the children. We even dressed the dog. I didn't know if I would be able to do this tonite. I did pass out candy but no costume, no pumpkin, just memories. Good memories, happy times but God do I miss him tonight. Love you honeybunny, Deborah

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Deborah and Laurie, I am very impressed with your strength to try to "celebrate" Halloween in the way you could this year. I just couldn't do it; Josh just loved Halloween... it was such a big deal to him, as were many holidays. I just tried to pretend all day that it wasn't Halloween. Lights out, no candy, no costumes, no kids at the door... just couldn't do it this year.

Me, Josh, and our friend Stacey last year...

Our pumpkin we carved (my first one ever and Josh's last one....)



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