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Sorting Advice - Thank You All

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Thank you for your advice and comforting words. I did consider and take your advice... I went through some of the stuff before posting and sorted out unnecessary items and the personal things that I found. I am keeping all of the items that I pulled out, including the "unnecessary" items. The new leader is a wonderful and understanding man -- I will ask him to finish the sorting and return anything personal to me. I think I am Ok with him discarding any duplicate or unnecessary documents he finds. I think part of the grief of this chore is attempting to acknowlege that his group will go on without his leadership. I scream to myself - it's HIS group and how dare anyone assume they can take his place? I know it has to continue- the organization nurtures and sustains youth, instilling values and morals in them while helping them to grow. I know it's important for the work to continue - and it has and will. It just saddens me to think that one of the passions of his life *can* go on without him. ANd its so confusing to me to feel this way - because I want his work to continue - I myself am still active in the organization - it just hurts me that he is not here anymore to do it himself. I miss him so much - I hurt so much and I want to be working by his side again. ~Stoo~

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No one takes another person's place in exactly the same way, and I am sure he will be missed tremendously.

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