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Hi,everybody: I know some of our wonderful parents suffered from a stroke and it's complications before they left us, so I thought I'd put this post here (wasn't sure where else to post). When my Dad became ill, I subscribed to Stroke Connection magazine (published by the American Stroke Association). I received the November/December 2006 issue in the mail the other day. There is an article about the Stroke Treatment and Ongoing Prevention (STOP) Stroke Act. This act is supposed to increase public awareness so that it's more widely recognized as well as ensure more effective treatment of it by those in the healthcare field. The ER doctor didn't take my Dad's symptoms too seriously at first and that cost us some precious time. At the moment, the bill is stuck in committee and the Stroke Association would like to see it passed before Congress adjourns this year. I would, too. It's too late for my Dad, but maybe I can help someone else. I've emailed all my congressmen, telling them my Dad's story and asking them to please pass this bill. If anyone else is interested in learning more about this bill, the article says you may do one of two things. One is to go to the Stroke Association website and type in STOP Stroke Act in the search box. Or, you may type in the following URL: http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jht...ntifier=3010937

Take care.



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