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Today I went to work, my second job cleaning houses. I have become pretty close with this one older couple I clean for. They have been so sweet to me since Sean passed away. Today they told me that their oldest son (53 yr. old) died on Monday. He was a diabetic but most likely died of a heart attack, they said (just like Sean.) Of course they are shocked and devastated, but they have so much faith. She told me that the night he died (before she knew) she had alot of trouble sleeping, and that's unusual for her. She was just kind of pacing around feeling very restless. But then she said she felt her Mom's, Dad's and youngest son's presense (they have all passed.) She said she felt them all around her, and it was very comforting and warm like a blanket. She was able to sleep then. It was the next morning that he found out about her son. She believes that her loved ones were trying to prepare her and comfort her, because they knew. Also the next night, one of her other sons had a dream about his brother. He has MS and has been in a wheelchair for years. In his dream he was in the woods, got out of his wheelchair and walked perfectly to a house in the woods. When he got there, a man opened the door and told him how great he looked. He said, "Yea but I better get my wheelchair." The man said, "No, you can walk perfect, you don't need it." He said there were many people in the house, then he saw his brother who had just died. He said he told him "Don't worry, It's so beautiful where I am and I am happy." Just wanted to share that with you all. Love, Laurie

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