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How To Remember Your Lost Loved One

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Hi everyone,

My friend told me about these forums and I have been reading through posts all day yesterday and today. It seems like a lovely, supportive environment and I'm so happy to be part of it.

I wanted to share an email which I received the other day, it's full of ways to remember lost loved ones and I have found them really helpful, especially around christmas. I have lost my daughter Stacia and my mother Deborah in the past 5 years and it has been so hard at times. I don't like to forget about them though, or push them to the back of my mind. Instead I prefer to dedicate time to their memories each day. Anyway, here are the ideas I was sent:

1) Create a memory box containing special items that belonged to you and your loved one. Place little notes in it with special memories on.

2) Put notes into a box with a secure lock on it. Place messages into this box and write down words and feelings which you wish you had said to your loved one before they passed away.

3) Make a collage of all your favourate photographs of your loved one and put it up on the wall where you can look at it anytime you like.

4) Create a new tradition in remebrance of your loved one. For example you could light a candle and listen to your loves one's favourate music on the 20th day (or a particularly special day) of every month.

5) Donate money to a charity, to help those less fortunate than ourselves (you may be suprised how well this works)

6) Create an online memorial for your loved one and visit it often, lighting candles and leaving tributes.

7)Make a memorial quilt for your loved one with each square representing a special memory. You could even make it out of their old clothes so that every time you look at it, it will remind you of them.

8)Write a letter to your lost loved one, tell them everything you are missing about them and everything that you learned from them. Tell them that you hope they are looking down on you from heaven.

I hope these help somebody! I have done a few of them myself, I made a memorial for my daughter Stacia which you can visit at http://remembered-forever.org/stacia1/ and please feel free to light a candle in her memory. I also made a beautiful quilt for her, I will put a picture of it in her photo album soon actually.

Love to all of you,


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Hi Denise,

What a list of wonderful ways to remember our loved ones, I have made a special scrapbook with the pictures of my mom and dad but I will definitely try some of the ideas on the list Thank you for sharing take care Shelley

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Thanks, Denise! This is such a helpful list....one I needed to see right now because I think I'm at a point in my grieving where I'm scared I'll forget. I plan to try some of your suggestions.



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