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I Am Getting The Holiday Crazies Again


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This is my first year without the people I usually spend the holidays with. At Thanksgiving I had a huge eruption of emotion twice where I sobbed and sobbed.

I thought I was over it. I have been feeling for the past 3 weeks like I am really coming to grips with my emotions.

I am having those thoughts again about how sad it is that I dont have any family to run over to their house for a big dinner and get doted on and just feel sooooooo comfortable like you can only do when you grow up with these people.

i will be with my hubby only this year. He is fantastic. But I am getting nervous and emotional again--and I am only at work.

I find myself telling myself to breathe, its ok, nothing is going to happen. I dont want to have a breakdown again. I want to enjoy my holiday. I am going to keep reassuring myself and have a drink when I get home.

I also had too much coffee w Eggnog flavored creamer this morning. Im sure thats not helping.



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I know the feeling, of course the coffee with eggnog creamer seems to do it every time. I too have to tell my self to breath at times. I think that all of us are on hightened emotions right now. For me lately, Sundays have been very emotional. Hope all goes well for you


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