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Thanks to the sincere and heartfelt interest of local news anchor Mark Curtis, whose beloved Bouvier died of cancer last month, the topic of pet loss was featured last night on Channel 12, the NBC affiliate here in Phoenix. If you'd like to read the story and view the segment, click on this link:

Grieving for Pets

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Thanks so much for posting this for us, Marty, as we don't pick up that particular station in my area. I just watched all 3 clips and was delighted to see pet loss grief receive some much-needed exposure and airtime! It was also a real treat to actually see and hear you, in action, for the first time! (you sound just like I imagined!) I hope they didn't edit out anything really critical that you may have said, as I know how chopped-up TV interviews can get when they're paring them down for broadcast, but what was left was still very good.

I'm sincerely hoping this will be just the beginning of a movement to get this vital information into mainstream media and TV. It's LONG overdue.

I was also taken totally aback when they showed the 3rd(?) cat, the grey one snoozing on the top of the post....not only do we have a post that looks exactly like this one (even down to colours), but that grey cat curled up there looked JUST like my Nissa when she'd curl up on the top platform...same size, same colour, same everything! It was incredibly uncanny and made me wonder if this was yet another sign from her. I had to view this segment twice, just to take another look-see.

Congratulations, Marty, on a job well done....and be sure to let us know in advance when you'll be on Oprah! ;)

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Bless you, Maylissa ~ thank you so much for taking the time to watch the piece, and for your very kind words.

You're right ~ so much of what is said in a television interview ends up on the station's cutting-room floor, which is why I so dislike doing them. (And I've even developed great empathy for politicians appearing on TV, whose words get taken out of context, or whose messages get trimmed to a 10-second sound bite.) I much prefer writing articles instead.

What I loved about doing this interview, unlike others I've done, is that Mark Curtis's questions came straight from his heart, as a result of his own personal experience. (Mark is the news anchorman for our local NBC affiliate here in Phoenix. His beloved family dog ~ the Bouvier you see with his daughter in the piece ~ developed cancer two years ago, and was euthanized last month. That's what stirred his initial interest in the topic, and it was reflected in all the questions he asked me ~ even though very little of our 20-minute conversation ever made the final cut! Nevertheless, he is a very nice man, and I am very grateful to Channel 12 for shining its light on this important topic.)

The grey kitty you saw belongs to Fran, the woman who was introduced in the beginning of the piece. Frannie is a darling friend who shares her household with her husband Steve and several fur babies, most of them kitties ~ and she is a true animal lover. (All the kitties you see in the piece are Fran's!)

Again, Maylissa, thank you so much for your lovely note. You made my day :wub:

Hugs to you,

Marty xoxox

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Oh, you're most welcome, Marty! ^_^

Yes, I've known some people whose interviews were lengthy, offering so much important information, yet practically none of that was evident by the time they were edited. It's very frustrating when one knows how little the general public will ever see or hear!

I could tell, even from the look in Mark's eyes, that he was earnest and genuinely interested in your answers. I'm hoping that he's broken down some barriers to a 'taboo' subject by his courage to broach it in public, and especially by relating something of his personal experience in the passing of his own canine companion. I can easily imagine how his co-workers may have later opened up to him about their own losses of treasured pets. There's nothing like showing such vulnerability to others to bring people and their stories out of the woodwork. Let's hope that it leads to a special presentation that's much longer than a few minutes, and that you'll get asked to contribute your expertise once again...or, to that spot on Oprah! :D I noticed that Allison Dubois was recently a guest there, too, along with John Edward, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that you and Allison may yet join ranks once again, but on national TV (and a show I could actually see)!

I'm also grateful to Fran, for sharing her emotions about her special boy, and the rest of her fur-family. (I gathered that all these babies were from her own household) It's always refreshing to see someone not censor their true feelings on TV simply for the sake of appearing composed and in control...something I personally find rather too detached and rather unhelpful for subjects that are, by their very nature, emotionally-charged. I also noted that she has a doggie who's missing one eye (the poor little guy/gal!) and thought that was further indication of a dedicated fur-parent. Please pass on my condolences to her if you can, as well as my gratitude for her contribution to this piece. And of course I'm also glad to see she's got, by my count, at least 2 lovely grey kitties who reminded me of my own darling girl. -_- (my husband took one look at the grey cat snoozing on the post, grinned and asked, "Is that another sign?")

Big hugs back!


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On March 29, 2007, I was the featured guest on Nature's Translator with Tracy Ann, the weekly Contact Talk Radio program hosted by animal communicator and alternative healer Tracy Ann. The program is available for listening at Archives: Nature's Translator , under the date, 3/29/07.

(Be prepared for a fairly lengthy introduction followed by a commercial message ~ but eventually the topic of pet loss is discussed! And you'll need to allow one hour to listen to the entire program.)

Edited by MartyT
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Marty, I just found some time to listen to this great interview. It was wonderful! Of course, I was shedding tears (of grief, gratitude and hope) almost all the way through, but they were well worth it! My head couldn't have BEEN nodding in agreement more! You managed to cover quite a bit of ground in the time you were given, which is always too short, if you ask me! (next, Oprah...then a full-length documentary!...you're getting there! ;) )

I was SO happy your pioneering work and spirit in this area was touched upon, too and I'm sure you must be finding this so satisfying, knowing all that hard work is finally getting more publicity and having more impact than 20 years ago!

I also love this show, and its host! And even the ads during the show! I'll be returning to it to listen to some of the archived shows as well. (hhmmmmm....maybe Washington is where I should consider moving to later on....)

I'd also never realized that you also did some work for the Halton/Peel group in Ontario!...wish it was the group in AB instead! ^_^ ....and that you could come here to speak - I could listen to you for HOURS ON END.

Congratulations once again, on yet another great job on getting the realities of grief, and especially this type of grief, recognized! I'm sure all of us who have loved our fur-children as much as we have (including yourself) could kiss your feet in utter gratitude for all you've done and are still doing, on a micro and macro scale, towards helping us. And of course, the animals themselves must be beaming, too! Somebody's already got a halo with their name on it..... :D

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My goodness, Maylissa, thank you again for taking the time to listen, and for your glowing review as well. :blush:

We haven't heard from you for some time ~ Would you be willing to give us an update as to how you're doing? :wub:

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Dear Ones,

This past Thursday evening, November 1, 2007, I was invited back to Nature's Translator with Tracy Ann, the weekly Contact Talk Radio Network program hosted by animal communicator and alternative healer Tracy Ann Delp. If you're interested, the program is available for listening here: http://www.contacttalkradio.com/hosts/tracyann.htm

(Once on Tracy's site, scroll down until you come to "Recent Shows;" you'll find the download button listed under 11/1/07.)

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Marty, I just had a listen to this latest and greatest interview with you and am so thankful, once again, for everything you (and Tracy) have provided towards improving education and understanding in this important area. Here's my own promo take on the 2nd show:

Non-stop topics, from euthanasia, guilt, insensitive comments, to the differences about companion animal loss, children and pet loss, and more! You'll learn lots and even if not, you'll still know your loss is understandably important and respected. A real must-listen!

Edited by Maylissa
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Hi Marty, your interview on Natures Translator helped me think through the guilt feelings I have about Sheeba. I also received a sympathy card, hand written, from the doctor at the emergency care hospital. It's comforting to know, to see, there are caring people out there. Thank you so much.

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