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I exist in a spiritual woodland

A forest so dark and dense

There are no paths, there are no signs

A world devoid of sense.

Life's cosy veneer of immortality

Has been stripped off every tree

And life's raw vulnerability

Is exposed for all to see.

I try to make some progress

But which way do I go?

I battle hard through every day

But still there's nought to show.

Each path I cut, leads to a tree

Each tree leads to one more

Where is that forest clearing

Where is that elusive door?

I look above for signs of hope

But trees block out the light

My days are filled with darkness

My nights are fuelled with fright.

A ray of light sometimes breaks through

A weak and pallid ray

No sooner have I felt its warmth

Than night eclipses day.

Where does the forest edge reside?

Where do the trees thin out?

At least I'd have a fighting chance

And someone may hear my shout.

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Dear David

Please keep writing, you express so well what we all are feeling or have felt. Thank you! I am so very sorry for your great loss..love Jane

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