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Hi, everyone:

I had another grief burst today....seems like there are lots of triggers around for me right now. I attended a beautiful wedding this evening. The youngest daughter of one of my colleagues (and a former student of mine) got married, so it was a happy occassion.

At the beginning of the ceremony, they had a beautiful PowerPoint presentation running. It contained a collection of childhood pictures of the bride with her father (she's very close to her Dad, too). The song playing as the slideshow ran was "I Held Her First." It was so pretty and touching but made me sad at the same time....my Dad won't be here to see me marry.

There was a bit of humor as well. The groom's ring had been misplaced and it wasn't realized until the point in the ceremony where the bride had to place it on his finger. So there was a bit of adlibbing. :) After the ceremony, everyone was gathered outside the church to blow bubbles at the bride and groom as they left for the reception. They were just getting ready to come out to the car when the bride's father hollered, "Stop! Just a minute!" He came running up with the ring box in his hand. As he handed it to the bride so she could place the ring on her new husband's finger, he turned to the crowd and said with a wink, "Sorry.....we had something to get fixed. That's what Dads do!" I thought, yes indeed it is! I hope the bride will value that memory of her Dad.

Hugs and prayers to all,


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