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Today would have been my late fiancee's (Kathy's) birthday. She also loved attending fireworks on the 4th. I was expecting these few days to be more difficult than I'm experiencing. I did call her mom to check in... it's always emotional for me talking with her.

I have a new woman-friend who lives 400 miles away. Like Kay, I've run into issues of her discomfort with my talking too much about Kathy. I don't even notice, but she feels she's already hearing some stories for the third time in as many visits. I do understand, but I can't be hiding my grief lest it just pop up later on. The physical distance between us actually seems to help for now. I don't know if it will work in the long run, but I'm trying to re-focus my attention on the positive things we share, instead of getting stuck on the hurdles. If our new relationship continues to grow we'll make it work. I always thrived on having a partner by my side in the past. The future is all new now so maybe I'll find it OK to only be physically close for the occasional visits until we might decide one of us wants to consider a move. It's transition time now with all the changes losing a partner brings, so I'll work at being patient and see what I/we think as time passes.

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I wish you the best in your relationship...we all deserve a bit of happiness. I hope Kathy's birthday went alright for you.

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