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What is the best way to handle anxiety aboout a "perceived"problem regarding my 25 year old son. I am just feeling uncomfortable and suspicious about something. Not sure if this is me / my anxiety or if its really a problem with him. Should i speak with him or not? If I ignore , what if there is a real problem..do I have the energy to deal with or not? Can I safely ignore because of how i am currently feeling. Its at times like these that I really miss Walter.. I dont have the strength to handle this on my own, and dont want to share with any friends / family

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Without specifics it is hard to advise. I believe there are two options. Being that he is 25 which is an adult, I would say to get with him and talk with him about what you are percieving and see how he reacts and then go from there. The other because again he is an adult is to let it run its course and see what happens, we have to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

Love always


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Hi Erica....I believe Derek is right, and it pretty much depends on how you two communicate together. There are really only two options - talk with him or wait and see. If you feel like you'd have to walk on egg shells, maybe waiting and seeing would be the better option. I hope things go well on this 'cause you've got enough to deal with right now anyway. Boy, once a mother...always a mother! Isn't that the truth? Hang in there.

Your friend, Karen :wub:;)

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