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It's Official.......... Yukon Arrives Monday Morning


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As luck would have it. I was at the vets a week ago with Mkwaa when we picked up Nvwati's ashes, and was telling him how worried I am about Mkwaa being so very depressed. He suggested I adopt another dog. Told him I didn't think I was ready so he then suggested me fostering a dog.

Turns out I was put in contact with a man who can no longer keep his beloved 9 year old, neutered, well behaved, gets along great with dogs, cats and children - dog through no fault of his. He was adamant that Yukon would find a good forever home. I agreed to have Yukon and Mkwaa spend a day together to see how it goes. As we were ending the conversation I think to ask him what breed of dog Yukon is. IMagine my surprise when he said Oh Yukon is a red and white siberian husky. He has one blue eye and one green eye!

I almost peed my pants laughing because if this is not Nvwati sent, what is it?

Anyways, Yukon arrives early Monday morning.


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Well Yukon Jack has arrived. He's beautiful. He's adorable. He's sweet. And he's HUGE! LOL.

He arrived yesterday morning and he and Mkwaa are still getting acquainted. She is letting him know she is Alpha around here and he seems to be ok with this. He kind of looks like a big teddy bear. Did I mention he is HUGE?

Its too soon to know if he will help Mkwaa with her depression so I am taking it a day at a time. Its kind of cute because Mkwaa who was just a tad smaller than Nvwati, now looks like a pup next to Yukon yet its her who is teaching him everything he needs to know. He's a patient and good learner though.

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I am so happy to hear the Yukon has arrived. I really hope he can help Mkwaa with her depression. It is good that she is showing him who is boss. Please keep us informed.

Hugs & prayers,


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Lyn I didn't name Yukon Jack. He came with that name..... he will be 10 in January and his name suits him just fine so I thought, Why change it?

Mkwaa is an Anishnawbek (Ojibway) word meaning Bear. I found Mkwaa (pronounced Muck wah) on a reserve on my birthday almost 8 years ago. She and her litter mates were to be shot when I approached the house to see the pups. I took her to my Medicine Man who's nickname is Sugar Bear and begged him to give her a Spirit Name. He laughed and told me he doesn't name animals so I said "Fine! I will name her after you"..... thus........ Bear/Mkwaa .

Nvwati (pronounced Niv what tee) is a Tsalagi (Cherokee) word meaning Good Medicine. And he was/is. :wub:

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