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2 Weeks Ago Today Buried My Daddy

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I went yesturday for the first time to dads grave ..I was at first at the wrong grave its new so anyway I was thinking I know we didnt walk this far and he was by a tree I look down about 12 feet there he was I giggled because I know he was shaking his head I put a santa claus blinking and a christmas flower in the mud where his grave is settling I said dady I miss you and love you lots,

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The fact that you could giggle, knowing what your father would be thinking, is a sign that you are going to be fine someday. I do the same thing all the time...I'll do something and say "I know Mom, I should have done it the other way!" or whatever. And it always brings a smile to my face. Keeping a sense of humor during the grief process is crucial, and you have one, so just know that you will make it through this.



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hello theresa,

i hope you're getting some sleep at night and taking care of yourself along the way. anyway, i lost my mom 3 months ago tomorrow and her birthday is coming up and i am empty. she suffered another massive stroke, which she had had also 4 years ago and left her paralyzed on her left side. she was completely wheelchair bound. she had her first stroke when she was only 59 and died at the age of 63. i have no father so my mom was everything. i have a 9 year old daughter who shares her birthday, which is really difficult for all of us and a 2 year old son. i am so sad that my son won't really remember her and my daughter was her "princess olivia". this is all so hard and i talk to my mom all the time, which right now doesn't help it just reminds me that she isn't here. i am so lost without her. i have a wonderful husband and support from friends, but sometimes i just want to be alone and cry. i hope you are able to find some happiness with the holiday season and know that your dad would not want you to miss out on the good times. i will say a prayer for you and your dad. merry christmas, kim

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