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My husband asked me to marry him on Valentines day. It's always been our special day. This weekend I've been feeling stronger, but now OUR day is almost here. How do I get thru this day? I'll be working and people will be getting flowers, Al always sent me flowers. It's going to break my heart.

Ups & Downs, that's what this is all about, isn't it?

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Hi Sagie,

I don't post too often here as I feel I probably hurt more than I help sometimes. However, I must say I am coming up on the first anniversary of my wife's death and this year has been made up mostly of downs. There have been some ups so I am hopeful for the coming year to be better. I believe most on this forum will tell you that time will help and I believe they are right. It has not been an easy time for me and I doubt it will be for you. Just try to take it a day at a time and stay with this forum. It has been the single most helpful thing for me. The people here are truly wonderful and caring folk who are here for the same reason you are. Stay with us and let us know when you need us. We do care.



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I am sorry that you are going through this...as Art has already said, time does help some, although it's not that it alleviates our pain, but more like we learn how to cope with it eventually. Try to arrange not to be alone on Valentine's Day, and remember when others are getting their flowers, your husband is sending you some too, just you can't see them like you can't see him right now, but he's still there and so is your love.

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