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Dear One,

I'm so sorry for your loss of this loved and important person in your life.

Although we don't have a forum specifically for bereaved nieces and nephews, we do have a forum reserved especially for teens, Teens Talking to Teens.

Please know, however, that you are most welcome to participate in this and any of our other forums, where you will always find yourself among a most caring, compassionate, and supportive group of people ~ and I hope you'll feel comfortable enough to share more of your story with us.

Wishing you peace and healing,


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Hello Chris's niece...

I too have lost an uncle.. I've actually lost quite a bit more than just an uncle. I've lost both my maternal grandparents, a great grandmother, a step grandmother, a cousin, and three uncles. I've been to heck and back. The one uncle in particular was my dads brother. He passed away in a drowning incident in 2004. He had gone boating with his girlfriend and another couple. In the spur of the moment he decided to cool off so he took his glasses and hat off and jumped into the lake. He then came up struggling and they thought he was messing around. He went back down again and never came back up. His girlfriend jumped in to look for him but she couldn't find him. All we could do is wait. His body showed up three days later and my dad had to go down and identify him. It was very tough because he was loved by so many. He had three children.. two who barely knew him and one that never will.

I've always felt like I had to deal with death on my own but then I realized that I wasn't alone. I realized that there was someone walking next to me. And in hard times when I just couldn't walk anymore he carried me. I kept my faith with the lord and he has kept my strong throughout all my life. Just keep hanging in there. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. I have many posts on here so feel free to look around. I'm babybrat07 in case you ever want to shoot me an email to talk. I'm a pretty good listener. Bless you!


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this is what happened. my uncle was at a party and when the party was over he went out the balcony to have a smoke and he slipped and fell. it was a four story fall. he was found the next morning (the day before mothers day). he was thirty four and the baby of the family. he was my dads baby brother. we were really close. i never got a funneral so sometimes it doesn't seem real. thanks for the comments keep them coming.

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