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Last weekend was a hard one It was snowing in ATHENS .The worst since 50 years .We are not used in cold and snow .Nothing was operating scools closed and only some supermarkets were open.I had to stay at my brothers home and not go to work so time felt endless .My mind went back to memories and I just wanted YIANY to be with me ceep me warm and safe.After 3 days the snow has gone and teperature is 17 deegries cel it was bellow 0 .I have missed your pots especialy from all of you that are going the same time jurney .How are you? Is it going any better for any one?I have started group therapy the first 2 setions I felt strange but the 3 it was more confortable.I will give it one more try.need advise .Thank you TENY.

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My, that is cold! We are supposed to get more snow here too and I haven't been free of snow since before Christmas! Are you able to be home now?

You said you went to therapy twice and will give it one more try. What is it that you do or do not like? You don't have to make a huge commitment all at once to doing it for a length of time, take it one session at a time and see how you feel. Everyone's experience is different, and not all therapists are right for all people. I had to discontinue mine after just a few sessions, he was way inappropriate, but I think most are better.

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Teny I know what you mean, it does feel sad when you are snowed in and the fireplace is going and you want to cuddle and the person is no longer there to cuddle with, it is so sad. The kind of weather you described is common here, as a matter of fact we are getting a storm starting tonight after midnight that will last into saturday with snow accumulations and then some sleet and freezing rain on top of that. I am glad your 3rd session went better, take them just one at a time, if you are not comfortable then don't continue with them and find another you will be better with. In 2 weeks it will be 1 year that Steve has been gone, Teny it went so fast !


Wendy :wub:

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