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Dream Or Not?

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I have been so worried about my brother, he is really struggling with his own demons since my parents died. I have been asking my mom for guidance. One morning I was "talking" out-loud to her and told her I needed her help. I ran some errands and when I came out of a store, there wasnt another car on the street except mine and right in front of the door was a Pt Cruiser, the same color she had. I laughed and told her, "okay, the car is a nice sign, but I need more" . That night she came thru loud and clear. I wont bore you with the details of the dream, but at one point my name was called over a PA system and told to go to a building. I went in and there were my mom and dad. THey looked younger, healthy and happy. The best part was, I hugged them. I know it must sound crazy but I can still feel it, it felt so real. I asked them what it was like, my mom laughed and said, "oh, its so busy, but beautiful" We talked about my brother and my mom told me she knew I was worried and to make sure I didnt give up on him. My dad said something funny and my mom laughed. I told her I was surprised she was laughing at his jokes again. She told me, "oh, he is funny again". They told me they had to leave, I begged them not to and started crying. They were gone. An older woman walked into the room, I didnt know her, but a young woman walked in and when they saw eachother they started hugging and crying. I looked around and it felt like a huge train station, people were coming and going and reuniting..it was like a huge "visitors station". I woke up crying, I didnt want to leave my parents, but then I was crying because I saw them and they are okay, they are happy, healthy and according to my mom, very busy! Dream or not, it brought me such a peaceful feeling. I love thinking about it.

Thanks for listening.

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That's really great. You have to know the hug was real. As real as the day is long, as real as knowing the sun will come up tomorrow. Treasure the peace you feel as it will work as a salve on your soul. Seriously I love when I have a "dream" like that where you can simply wrap yourself up it the feelings.

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What a great dream! Thanks for sharing it. I'm sure you will be able to help your brother through this. I hope he's the type who will talk about it and his feelings, because I find most men (I said most, not all) aren't and I think that makes helping them so much harder. Talking about it is so important. Good luck.



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