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Guest Gamer205

Goodbye my friend hope to see you on here again sometime,You were a good friend to me and I'll miss you not on here.

but anyway I wish you the very best and hope all goes well.


Robert Fraley <_<

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Hi All,

Here I thought I was ready to move on but today it was like it was beginning again... I had a day that all I wanted to do is talk with my mom... But remembered sadly that I could not... but remembered that I could write what I wanted to say to her... So here it goes..

Dear Mom,

How I miss you and the talks we used to have... I just want to fill you in on what has been happening with me and I can not tell you any more... I had a good day yesterday and received praise from my sister and her husband about the job I am doing around the house and with the children they are paying my income taxes next year as a reward... I so just feel like I am doing what I am suppose to be doing at this point of my life... I wish I could get one of your famous hugs today.. I really miss you today and just want to be able to sit and talk about things... I have decided that I am prepared to go along with the family about your remains... It still hurts a little but I think it is what you and dad would have wanted... take care Mom and I love you tons and give dad a great big hug too... Love your daughter Shelley..

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