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Thank you, Kim! for the personal message...Sat. was George's birthday, and that's when I got it. I did okay, I thought of him but it didn't hurt or consume my day and so I know that although the loving and missing them goes on, time really does help tremendously with our adjustment.

I continue to be extremely sick, one reason I never went on line this weekend, it's gone on for six weeks for me, eight for John, and now all my kids have it. My mom fell and went to the hospital this weekend and now needs us to take turns taking care of her, which I can't do until I get well. My sister fell and broke her leg and will be laid up about six months. I keep waiting for things to get better but am learning not to hold my breath. :wacko:

I am reading a book right now that is helping me, it is called "The Road Less Traveled"...I heard about it through someone on this forum (Bob?) and my girlfriend ordered it for me. :) It talks a lot about owning responsibility through disciplines and not waiting until things are the way we want them to be in order to be happy, learning to be content is basic. Anyway, I figured it's something I could stand to learn from and bought two sequels for when I'm done with this one. (I had gone on line to amazon.com and read excerpts from it and it intrigued me.)

I hope all of you have a truly good day and something bright comes your way!



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Guest moparlicious

KayC, My dear, dear friend!!!! I am so glad you got your message I sent you, you are so special to me and love you to death. I pray for you and think of you often, hope brighter days come your way. Love, Kim :wub:

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