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I'm coming up an another Birthday Anniversary of Kathy's, and about 19 months since her death.

I've been involved with Melanie since last August. We've weathered some tough times since we began dating. This last couple of months have seen a lot of improvement in how I'm feeling and how Melanie and I are getting along.

She treated me to a psychic reading with Karen Peterson a few months ago and that was a definite turning point.

Probably the single most meaningful concept that came up in my discussion with Karen was, that when I feel loss at times, this is a sign that Kathy is "with me"; sharing in my experience. Instantly the situation takes on a more positive feeling. Since then I've just felt much lighter and more relaxed in general. I've been able to accept Melnaie's love more freely, and drop much of the heaviness I've been feeling. I turn, I'm feeling more hopeful again that my relationship with Melanie is going to survive and grow.

Just thought some of you would be happy to hear a story of hope.


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I am so happy for you! I can't help but feel Melanie is special, she has hung in there with you through some times that had to have been tough, when most would have just been gone, she must truly care for you.

I am glad also that you are able to accept Kathy's part in your life as one that is positive and comforting, that's how I feel about George too, I draw strength from him rather than just feeling sad about him. We will always miss them and there are times that are hard, but I've learned to take our relationship and turn it into something of strength for me. I wish you the best! ;)

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