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I'm not really sure what to title this post.

What items do you have, EXCLUDING items that were left by loved ones, that remind you of loved ones?

I have angels for my mom. I have an angel that sits on top of my Christmas tree. I have an angel that is a Christmas tree decoration that is for September. I have two that are playing musical instruments (again, for the Christmas tree.) I have two of those ones because a friend of mine lost his mom only 362 days before me and both our moms loved music. (We're so connected that I couldn't leave his mommy out of my tree.) I also have a September angel that sits on my computer tower. I got her in Florida.

Off topic question--now, my mom was born and died in September. My father was born in December, but died in January. So if I was to buy angel items for him, which one would I use? The mother he was born or the month he became an angel?

For my dad I have little Boyd's Bears that are also Nascar dudes. I'm not sure if they are wearing just Nascar shirts or what, they are Christmas ornaments, too. (Can't remember, I mean.) My father LOVED his Nascar. Oddly, I LOVE teddy bears. So finding them was a real find. I suppose I should probably find some little Nascar dudes to put in my apartment and maybe set up a little memorial table for them. Yes, that's something that I want to do. I'll have to wait until fall. My table is being used by my fan right now.

I do have a problem of the day. I cannot get one of the songs from, "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" out of my head. :lol:

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Aww, Shauna Marie, your ideas for getting Nascar guys and making a memorial table are really sweet. I really like that angels signify your mother to you, that is wonderful. It's so nice to have these little things like that to treasure, isn't it?

Aside from things left by my dad or given to me by him, well, my little spiral-bound notebooks (I have many) remind me of him. I write my stories and story notes in them, but my dad, he always carried a planner around. He planned everything, wrote down his grocery lists in it, when I came to visit him and where we went, neat little things he heard that he liked - everything. Usually he wrote it in a big binder, but sometimes on trips he carried little spiral-bound notebooks around, the one-subject, 8x11 ones. So now my notebooks remind me of him.

Also, pens. Specifically Bick Pens; those were his favorites. Crystals and neat little stones I find make me think of him, too. I collect rocks - semi-precious stones, crystal, etc., and my dad got me into it. He believed crystals have healing powers. So, all my collections, and whenever I just randomly come across a neat rock or something, reminds me of him. Sea shells, too; we went to the beach a few times.

My giant teddy bear (who is very comforting to me, especially now) reminds me of my dad. This lady Jolene that was staying at his house once, gave the bear to me. She got him at the dollar store, and I fell so in love with him - wanted to rush straight to the dollar store and buy one for me - so she gave the bear to me from the kindness of her heart. He's been with me for about 5 years now, maybe 4, and he helps me a lot when I'm sad. He's so big and cuddly. Sort of like my Pooh Bear, I guess, Shauna. :)

My change purse makes me think of my dad, too. It's a girlier one than his - he just had a plain plastic green one. I remember being fascinated with it as a kid, haha, playing with it. Later I just admired its practicality. He used to carry it on his keychain, a while back. I haven't seen one with him in a few years, but it used to be his habit. So now my coinpurse makes me think of my dad.

Ah, I will say more as I think of things...it is nice to cherish the memories.

You know, I used to watch Pooh Bear stuff as a kid, and read the books. Christopher Robin was one of my fave characters. He reminded me of me, going out into the wilderness with his stuffed animals and stories. I liked Pooh and Piglet and Tigger, too. Rabbit made me angry...I can't quite remember why. :P

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Hmmm......good question Shauna.

Let's see:

Rice pudding... a rolling pin and the act of peeling potatoes, handwashing clothes in the sink, braided rugs... doilies on chairs.... the NY Daily News...etc.. my Gram.

Anytime I see a paratrooper logo or an American Flag, a local parade.. I think of my cousin (who was almost a second Dad to me). He was a VFW member and he gave me a few pins over the years before he passed.

Anything with cardinals on it reminds me of my Mom. Doves.. remind me of my Dad.

The ocean or the sound of the ocean always makes me think of both of my parents. My Celtic cross key ring and anything with shamrocks on it reminds me of them too. Oh there are SO many things really. But those just popped into my head first for whatever reason.



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