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It is almost one year since my Mom died and still I can't talk about it to anyone...bring up the horrible details that took her away from us when we least suspected it.

Someone sent me a joke e-mail today and it was about a sister asking a sister not to let her live on life support and bottles of saline or glucose or whatever it is they use. It went on to say that the sister unplugged the computer and took away her bottle of wine.

Unfortunately, we had to make that decision to remove the life support and I don't think that anyone who has ever had to make that decision would find the joke funny.

I know it was sent with only the best intentions but it made me cry.

Thanks for listening!


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((((Hugs))) for you Cindi.

Sorry this was sent to you.

Yup some people just don't think.

My husband's sister sent me one of those 'how to prevent a heart attack' email before two weeks had past from burying my Mom who passed from a heart attack.

And you can guess that email upset me too. But really.. some people have no clue about anyone or anything beyond their own noses.

Clears up who we can and who we can't count on for support though doesn't it?


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So sorry to hear that happened to you.

If it was me, someone would have gotten a reply pretty quickly from me. And I bet it would be a long, long time before such an email was sent out again.

People do/say the stupidest things. While I haven't gotten such an email (I usually make it clear to NOT send spam as it is), I remember the first day that I went back to work after I lost my mom. I was eating in the cafeteria with another co-worker and I mentioned how unfair it was that I still have a grandmother, but no parents. She looked at me and said that she would be the next to go.

I didn't bother touching that one. Some people just aren't worth it.



I understand that not being able to talk about it. I still can't talk very much and it was almost three years ago for me.

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Hi Cindi,

I'm sorry to hear that they upset you.

Some people are unbelievable aren't they! The problem is that some people just don't think. A bit of compassion and common sense is often lacking in these people.

I would suggest that you make the sender aware of the fact that the e-mail upset you. You don't have to go into details with them, but if you let them know how it made you feel, it's likely that they'll be more considerate in future.


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