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He Still Watches Out For Me

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This happened yesterday:

My car has an alarm system that controls the door locks and prevents anyone from starting the car while the system is active. Well, I accidentally knocked my keychain (with a remote control fob for the alarm system) off the counter into the sink. Though I fished the keys out in less than a second, it was too late: the water shorted out the remote. I found that I could still get into my car via the key - but had no way to start the car.

The alarm system is supposed to have a bypass switch, but for some reason it doesn't. I called the AAA, but all they offered to do was tow my car to a garage or the dealership where I bought the car. I called the dealer's service department, but they told me they don't install that type of alarm system on their cars anymore so all they could do was disable the system (and, of course, sell me a new one). I looked on the web to see if I could buy a replacement remote, but the earliest I could get it was three days later.

The dealer had given me a backup remote when I bought the car, but I had given it to my husband long ago and didn't know where it was, if he had lost it or if it still worked. In going through Bill's things, I hadn't found the backup remote. So at this point, it looked like my only options were to order a new remote control and wait three days for it (and pray that it would work) or spend a few hundred dollars to have the alarm system removed and a new one installed.

I was upset enough to be physically sick, head throbbing, heart pounding. I wondered if I should start tearing the house apart to find out if the remote still existed. And then I felt myself being compelled to dig out a black handbag I hadn't carried in a couple of years. I knew I have given Bill the backup remote, so I didn't see any point in checking the bag. But I did it anyway.

As soon as I picked up the bag, I felt a big bulge in one side. There, stuffed into a hole between the leather and lining was the backup remote. I ran outside, clicked the Alarm Off button, turned the key - and my car started right up.

There's a row of cape honeysuckle bushes beside my driveway. I looked over at it and there hovering among the flowers was one lone bumblebee, the first I had seen in months. My pet name for Bill was "Bee." I sat in the car crying, partly out of relief, but mostly because I knew my Bill still watches out for me. I'm positive he directed me toward the black bag.

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Kathy I just posted this the other day, I think yesterday to Marty. These bracelets I found believe it or not were also in a black purse I had not used in quite awhile !

About 10 years ago Steve had gotten me a gold bracelet for Christmas that I loved and wore all the time. A few years after that he had gotten me another one and when I went to get the older one to show him how simular they were I could not find the older one and looked for it for many years with no luck. A couple years later he got me another one and I wore the two together all the time. Well I tend to wear my silver jewelry more in the summer and my gold in the colder months and I went to make the switch and was devastated to find out I could only find one bracelet. This was very odd as they were always kept together and worn together. I searched high and low with no luck. I finally sat down at my desk at home and looked up at Steve's picture and out loud said to him that I needed his help finding the other bracelet as I was very upset to not be able to find it. As fast as the words came out of my mouth I got the very overpowering thought to look in a purse in my bedroom. Well I though that was odd as first of all I have many purses to look through and second that I never put my jewelry in my purses. I got up immediately and the first purse I took out I opened the zipper portion and low and behold, there was not only one bracelet but two of them ! The bracelet I had been wearing was the one I had lost many many years ago and the other two were in the purse. I now wear all three bracelets that he gave me with great pride and still am amazed at how quickly I was told exactly where to find them !



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Bill has helped me find things before, but my late father still comes through when I call on him for help with mechanical or carpentry-related stuff. For example, I was trying to assemble a computer desk and even though I was following the instructions exactly, the pieces would not fit together the way they were supposed to. I said out loud, "Dad, I have a mess here. I really need you to help me fix it." Suddenly, I felt calmer. I picked up my tools again and this time, had no problem assembling the desk. The same kind of thing has happened when I was trying to assemble a porch swing, fix my front door, etc. All I have to do is ask, and out of nowhere comes the skill I need.

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Kathy G,

What a beautiful story - they still watch over us and guide us - I am sure. Your Bee story also reminds me of my hummingbird story. Love never dies - they continue to perch on our shoulders - they continue to take other forms to speak to us.

Love and peace,

John - Dusky is my handle on here

Love you Jack

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Do you guys remember my heart on Valentine's Day? Jack always bought me heart-shaped pendants and earings on Valentine's Day. Last February 14th I was walking by a wood-carved cowboy boot and something flashed in my eyes. I went over and sitting on top of the toe of the boot was a silver heart - just sitting there! Knocked me over with a feather! They do watch out for us, I truly know it, also. We just need to keep our minds and hearts open for these wonderful treasures.

Love you guys, Karen :wub:

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