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Adjustment Following Child Loss

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This invitation comes to us from a graduate student who is seeking participants for her research study:

My name is Hillary Van Horn and I am in the final stages of my dissertation right now, which focuses on parental resilience and growth following the loss of a child. My dissertation is among the first to look at the global difficulties parents face prior to and following the death of their child and what factors might help and protect these families more . . . . . With my current research study I hope to help the palliative care/grief/bereavement community better conceptualize and help parents and families who are struggling with their loss. I'm finishing the data collection phase, and still need 27 more participants . . . If you know of any persons who would be able and/or interested in participating, or if you would like to look at the study yourself, the website and questionnaires are posted here: http://www.lossresearch.webs.com/

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