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Please Pray For Brenda

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Please pray for my friend Brenda who has entered our journey as of Sun. night. I spoke with her on the phone and I think of many posts here. I told her this journey is only beginning. She had asked that donations be given to Hospice of the Valley because they had cared for Danny. While talking with her I told her that this website had been part of my salvation -even though I'm far from being over this. She had no idea about this part of it. I hope she will visit us because I know you will all help her through it.

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Mary Linda,

I am sorry about your friend, Brenda's, loss. It is always sad to think that any other person should have to travel down this road. I, too, hope she will come on line here and visit us. My friend Virgie experienced her loss 5/31 but handles things differently than I do and doesn't wish to express her pain to strangers. So many times I've felt it would help her but I've accepted her different choices.

I'm glad Brenda will have you there for her, it has been good for Virgie and I to share these past few months.

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